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Pujiang Dali Iron Chain Co., Ltd. Pujiang Dali Iron Chain Co., Ltd.
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Pujiang Dali Iron Chain Co., Ltd.

Pujiang Dali Iron Chain Co., Ltd is a professional Pet Chain Manufacturer and Pet Chain factory in China, we produce various iron chains, mainly including iron chains, lock chains, automobile anti-skid chains, round link chains, square chains, hexagonal chains, twist chains, braided chains, railing chains, Animal chains, decorative chains, spare tire chains, etc., We have self-managed import and export for more than 20 years, close to Yiwu, with well-developed logistics.
The company has a production history of 34 years. It has various advanced production equipment, high-strength welding machines, heat treatment mesh belt furnaces and testing equipment, etc., with a high degree of automation. Tensile testing, hardness testing, metallographic analysis, etc. Plating layer inspection, salt spray test, etc. We offer custom alloy steel Pet Chain
The company's main products are iron chains, anti-skid chains, chains for locks, round link chains, square chains, hexagonal chains, twisted chains, braided chains, railing chains, animal chains, decorative chains, spare tire chains, etc. The chain material is made of alloy steel. After heat treatment and carburizing, it has good anti-saw, anti-shear, anti-smashing, tensile and anti-theft properties. After surface treatment such as galvanizing, spraying, and dipping, it has excellent anti-corrosion performance and has received good feedback from customers. We Offer OEM/ODM Pet Chain which are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.
In line with the tenet of quality first and service first, the spirit of the company is the spirit of craftsmanship. We sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to write or call us for business negotiation.


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OEM/ODM Pet Chain Industry Knowledge Extension

1. Introduction to Pet Chain Technology
Pet Chain is an innovative blockchain solution that focuses on the pet care industry. It is essentially a digital platform that creates a network of pet owners, veterinary clinics, and pet service providers. Pet Chain uses blockchain technology to create a secure, transparent, and decentralized system that enables pet owners to manage their pets' health and wellbeing by accessing healthcare services, tracking pet records, ordering pet supplies, and much more.

2. Advantages of Pet Chain Technology
One significant advantage of Pet Chain is its transparency. All data transactions in Pet Chain are visible to authorized parties, creating a transparent and accountable process. This transparency enhances pet health and wellbeing by ensuring that all parties involved in the process, such as pet owners, veterinarians, and service providers, have access to the same data. This means that pet health records are accessible to all parties involved, ensuring consistent and accurate care.

3. Applications of Pet Chain Technology
Pet Chain technology has potential applications in various industries. In the pet care industry, Pet Chain can be used to manage pet health records, track pet wellness, and schedule pet care appointments. The technology can also be used to improve the pet owner experience by enabling pet owners to order supplies online, access vet recommendations, and communicate with service providers.

Pet Chain technology can also be useful in the field of veterinary medicine. It can facilitate quick and secure information exchange between veterinarians, ensuring consistent and accurate care. This technology can also reduce the risk of pet identity mix-ups, making it easier for pet owners and veterinarians to manage pet health records.