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What should we pay attention to when purchasing and installing anti-skid chains?

In order to ensure the safety of the car anti-skid chain license, some drivers choose to install a anti-skid chain for the vehicle. No matter what kind of chain you choose, the following points should be noted when installing and using:

1. The selection of the anti-skid chain must be consistent with the size of the tire. The size is too large or the chain is too small not only can not get the anti-skid effect, but also may cause damage to the tire.
2. The anti-skid chain must be installed on the drive wheel. When the driving wheel accelerates on the wet road, it is easy to slip, and increasing the friction between the driving wheel and the ground can ensure that the vehicle runs more safely. When installing the skid chain, the front-drive motor vehicle is installed on the front wheel, the rear drive motor vehicle is installed on the rear wheel of the tire skid chain, and the four-drive motor vehicle is installed on the main drive wheel.
3. Do not install anti-skid chains on a single wheel. Single wheel installation of anti-skid chain is easy to cause the left and right wheel grip inconsistent, vehicle acceleration or deceleration will appear sideslip, tail spinning and other phenomena.

Driving vehicles with anti-skid chains should pay attention to the following points:
1. Speed limits. The speed is controlled within 40 km/h, and the anti-skid chain can play a better auxiliary role.
2. The chain is only suitable for roads with too much snow or ice.
3. Don't get the tire pressure too low. In order to increase the contact area between the tire and the ground, some drivers deliberately reduce the tire pressure, which not only affects the fixing of the skid chain, but also depresses the tire when the skid chain is in contact with the ground, causing tire damage.